The Tale of Two Gasoline Pumps: A modern Day Parable (4)

There were two gas owners.  They constantly were competing because there gas stations were right across the streets from one another.  If one would lower the price, the other would also lower the price.

One day, one of the owners from one of the gas stations had an idea.  In the middle of the night when no one was paying attention, he brought his truck to the gas station across the street and began filling up small gas cans and filling up his truck bed with gas.  He kept making trip after trip until he had emptied the other gas station of all its gas.  He raised his price ten cents and made a huge profit, while the other gas station attendent called the owner and told him what was going on.

When the other owner found out what his clever rival had done, he went to court to sue the man for stealing.

The judge was a wise man.

“What did he steal?” asked the judge.

“He stole all my gasoline!” the angry owner said.

“Did he not pay for it?” asked the judge.

“Well, yes, but he left me with nothing.”

“You are asking me to put a man in prision for paying you for you gas.  You are asking me to put an innocent man in jail.”

“He is not innocent,” the enrage owner cried. “He took my gasoline with the sole purpose of selling his gasoline for more money.”

“What do you have to say in your defense?” the judge asked.

“Be ready,” the clever owner said. “For you do not know the day or the hour when the thief will come.”


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