The Little Police Officer That Could: A Modern Day Parable (3)

Greg had seen Baltimore since he was a little kid.  He had come into the police to try and change things.  He had worked his way up from uni to detective, and now he was task forced to a high-end police narcotics detail.  They worked the streeets.  They were interested in changing things.  The city had a huge drug problem that needed to be solved.  Hundreds of people splet on the street every night.

They began working their way up the chain of command in the drug ring.  They were not making much progress because the drug dealers used minors in all of their hand to hand everyday deals.  All of the big players never touched any of the money or the drugs involved in the trade.

The brass in charge were frustrated because there were no results coming from the task force.

“Why can’t you make some arrests?” the mayor asked.

“We have to be patient,” the police officer said.

“I only have so much money to spend,” the mayor said. “If you don’t produce results, I’m going to have to shut your detail down at the end of the month.”

But the police officer was shrewd.  He knew that if he black-mailed the mayor, he could get more time for his case and he could bring down the drug ring.  So he followed the mayor secretly and kept a record of everything he did and started an investigation into his assets.  He went to many of the mayor’s enemies and paid them to sign false statements that made the mayor look like a criminal.

He put together a folder, called a meeting with the mayor, and showed him all of the dirt he dug up on him and all the dirt he had made up.

“If you extend my case,” the police officer said. “I will not release this to the newspapers.”

And so the police officer had enough time to build a proper case against the drug dealers and the mayor never shut the case down.  The mayor commended the dishonest police officer because the mayor could never touch him.  Even after the case had ended, the police officer kept up his friendships with these enemies of the mayor and had a very successful career in the force.


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