The Nature of Music in a New World

With bands like Third Eye Blind saying that albums are unnecessary in our digital world, there has been a question about the future of music creation.  Whereas there used to be months that would go into the creation of an album, bands like Third Eye Blind now think that it is better to constantly be putting out singles and then stirnging them together later to form an album.  Much like the rest of the culture, the norms within every field are being changed and are transforming within our new society.

But does this new form of music creation actually hurt the thematic cords that used to go into album creation?  Have we let the song take over the conceptual idea of an album as a whole?  Have we let this kind of music making also enter into the pscyhology of our creation of theology?  Rather than looking at an holistic approach to theology, people have taken ideas from here and there and strung them together to create a new kind of systematic theology.

So the question of our generation is this: Do we start with a holistic whole in theology and built the parts or do we start with the parts and string together a holistic theology from these parts?


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