The Kingdom IV – Indifference to the Kingdom of God

Written by Jacob Ninian

We could think of different reasons.

Material abundance and ease of life make it possible for people to enjoy a ‘good life’ without any reference to God. The flaw in this logic is that life here on earth is not the ‘real’ life, but the one coming afterwards – an eternity in heaven or hell – is real.

The fact that nothing bad seems to happen (immediately) even when people do wrong gives a feeling that nothing can happen (Ecc.8:11). However it is a law of life that what we sow we will reap, some time.

The present is more real than the ‘distant’ possibility or otherwise of heaven and hell. The immdediate pleasure of sin is more tangible, and ideas of accountability and punishment are vague.

The media is doing its best to convince people that there is nothing wrong with things God says are wrong. ‘Wrong’ has become relative, for each man to define for himself. So conscience is being dulled to death, and conviction for sin becoming out of fashion.

Many preachers are acting ‘compassionate’ to sinners without the real compassion that would have driven them to save people from their sin. It’s becoming politically incorrect to talk of ‘sin’, ‘hell’, etc.

Many preachers are watering down the message to make it acceptable to the masses, promising prosperity and blessing without having to repent and turn away from sin.

Many of us Christians are not good examples of what we preach, and this puts off many people.

What can we do to change things?

A lot more change is required than what individuals can do. But God works through individuals who are yielded up to Him. Who knows what God can do with each of us if we take up the challenge?


One Response

  1. Your last paragraph is interesting. You suggest “a lot more change is required than what individuals can do.” What do you mean by this?

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