The Kingdom Part III – Relevency in Church

Written by Danny Kam

Here at kingdom conversations we are doing a series on “the kingdom of God.” Jacob wrote a great post on how irrelevant this kingdom seems to be much of the world. Many pastors have tried, much to their demise, to make the gospel more “accessible” to a new generation. But, as Ziya Meral notes in his article on contextual theology, “the way of the cross, by virtue of it’s nature, is counter-cultural.” I actually have gotten into an argument with a thread I started on a bible forums page based on my defense of many modern famous pastors such as Rob Bell and Brian McLaren.

But the posts there simply show the tension between the church today and the amount of relevancy that we really can have in a secular world. Do we dumb down the gospel so much that there is nothing special and significant about Christianity? Do we leave out God’s wrath in light of God’s love? These are all difficult questions that pastors in a new age like Rob Bell have to deal with. And they do no see the answers as “black and white.”

How relevant should Christian churches be?


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