The Kingdom Part II – Is it relevant now?

Written by Jacob Ninian

The kingdom of God is where God is King, and that is everywhere. People may not realize this, recognize it or take note of it, but still the fact remains that God is King over all. Those who ignore it and imagine that there is no God or that they don’t need Him are missing out on reality. They are also going to have to face the consequences, because one can’t live in God’s world and ignore Him without losing out themselves.

The modern world likes to ignore God, think that they don’t need Him or say that they don’t like the way He is. Just by thinking He is irrelevant, can they make Him irrelevant? No, they do it to their own demise. He is still there, and He will be, and one day they will have to face Him. Even while they are still here in this world, they lose out on what He could have done for them.

The world needs Him, and the earlier they recognize it, the better for them. If they wait too long, they may become irrelevant!


One Response

  1. You have made some good points in your article, Jacob. In the modern world, people often ignore God. But I would like to see an article on why you think people ignore God. More and more in America, people have begun thinking that God is irrelevent. Why is this trend taking place, and what can we do to change it?

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